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God’s Hands at Work on Doctors Hands?


Before we were born, mommy and daddy were sweet hearts, got married, went on with their honeymoon and before they knew it every day became a honeymoon since they got us on their minds, oh how the lovebirds went on day by day trying to make us until one day mommy feels a little bit sick, starting to get picky with the food she eats, dizzy and emotionally unstable daddy coming home from work worried sick for his dear wife daddy  goes with mommy to a doctor, the doctor gives mommy a checkup and poof, daddy hears the words “congratulations sir, you’re going to be a  daddy”, daddy jumps for joy and mommy sheds tears of happiness, yes, yes a tale in which most couple’s find true happiness, when we are born unto them, but what about the others, were we all born like this? As I said before this is a tale most couples have gone through to have a child, maybe I’m talking about those people who are a single parent having gone through marriage that never works or teenage sweet hearts who were unprepared for parenthood never wishing for a child, just the honeymoon, is that what you thought I was talking about, no were going to talk about a rather considered weird way of how other couples made their baby even in this day and age, were going to talk about how mommy, daddy and doctor made a baby.

The title doctor does not always apply to those medical practitioners, there are also those given the title doctor when one reaches an academic achievement doctorate, but more importantly mainly doctors whom are medical experts, work day in and day out researching new ways in hopes of finding a cure for the many ailments, diseases and disabilities that are available now, then, and tomorrow.

Infertility is one of the many disabilities within some individual’s bodily functions that doctors struggle to overcome. Infertility has many causes some 30% for female, 30% for male, 10 % joint causes, 25% unexplained and 5% for other reasons, the solution? Ivf orIn vitro fertilization, it’s somewhat of an out of this world totally strange way of making a baby, normally the Mr. would absolutely not agree to this method, cause it’s supposed to be mommy and daddy making the baby, not mommy, daddy and doctor, but desperate times call for desperate measures with no other choice, daddy gives in to the idea, how you may say that this procedure is weird or the better choice of calling it would be alien like of doing things, well first off this procedure is only done when all other assisted reproductive technology had failed in assisting a couple in conceiving a child, the doctor now having both of the couples approval in doing this procedure now commences operation.

Explaining the method in its simplest form; first the doctor removes from the female several of the naturally produced egg cells by the ovary for fertilizing in the laboratory after a few day one or two egg cells which are now turned embryos are now sent back to the uterus in order for them to implant and become a pregnancy, thoroughly explaining the procedure; the woman are given several reproductive inducing hormones to help the development of egg cells, once reached its maturation, 36 hours at the very least the doctor now then extracts fluid containing the eggs by means of a needle, usually performed under light sedation checking proceedings through ultra sound, the egg cells are now then mixed with the male partners sperm already washed and concentrated, the egg and sperm are now kept at an incubator with a temperature kept at 37 degrees within 24 hours so that fertilization is now operational, after two or three days a healthy embryo that comprises of about 8 cells are now placed on the uterus by means of a thin flexible tube left to implant and form a pregnancy.

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